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Art historian, researcher and independent curator specialized in the manifestations of Latin American art of the XX and XXI century, especially interested in the connections between art, power and politics.


Currently developing several researches focused on the second half of the XX century, about the consequences of the Cultural Cold War, its dynamics, and cultural policies for Latin American countries. As well, the new figuration or neo-expressionism as a form of artistic denunciation in this period.

Also developing some projects around the following topics:   


  • Colombian artistic practices in the face of armed conflict.

  • Urban interventions, and the relationship between contemporary artistic manifestations, vandalism and heritage.

  • Representations of architecture on art, pointing out the territory as hegemony of power in Latin America, and its consequent social tensions.




Rersearch Grant in Art. Honorable Mention. 2018

Colombian Ministery of Culture


International Circulation Grant 2018

Colombian Ministery of Culture

International Circulation Grant 2014

Colombian Ministery of Culture

Master's degree completed with honors, 2010

University of Barcelona

Scholarship for Master's studies, 2009


Colombian National History of Art Award  2007

Fundación Gilberto Alzate Avendaño - Alcaldía Mayor de Bogotá


University of Barcelona

PhD Cum Laude in History of Art, Society, Culture and Heritage.


University of Barcelona

Master en Estudios Avanzados en Historia del Arte

2001 - 2007

National University of Colombia

Bachelor in Fine Arts


©  Carlos Saavedra  

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